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The area of ES PORTIXOL located just 5 minutes from the center of Palma, next to the nautical clubs of Portixol and Molinar is today one of the trendy areas in Palma de Mallorca. This place connects in a very special way the contemporary lifestyle with the atmosphere of a small fishing village. Mallorca Mietboerse - Inmobiliaria Portixol is your specialist in real estate for sale in the area of Portixol and Molinar as well as for long term property rentals throughout Mallorca. Visit our website to see all our sales and rental offers.

Portixol and El Molinar - Preferred neighborhoods of Palma facing the sea
The person who moves from the airport to Palma will be received, at least for the moment, by the work of the future Palace of Congresses under construction, and not even imagine that citizens treasures are hidden in the left side of the highway: Peripheral neighborhoods of Palma facing the sea: Portixol and El Molinar with its two small picturesque ports.

The two districts are already among the city's preferred centers, as the two kilometers to the center of the capital can be walked on foot along the promenade. Also to the airport are only a hop. But above all these two neighborhoods maintain the charm of the fishing villages of yesteryear. The small houses show us different facades, and in their style of construction they differ from each other; Its shutters, facades and doors are painted in Mediterranean colors, and almost all houses are one or two stories high.

In recent years many things have been done in this environment. The old fishermen's houses were renovated, and in part there are new constructions carefully adapted to the existing style. So that the traffic does not increase in excess, the streets have been organized in an alternative way, that is to say: the streets of a single direction alternate. Between the old road that goes to Llucmajor and the promenade is only 300 meters. This space is covered by a dense labyrinth of short streets and houses closely adjacent to each other, which apparently they are small, but many of them have patios, in whose interior we find palm trees and bougainvillea, many of them having terraces on the roof with an excellent view to the sea.

An example for a successful urban remodeling is very long Paseo Marítimo, provided with benches and a bike lane, where Palmeras and other trees were sown. This one has its beginning in the docks of Palma, in Porto Pí and extends along all the maritime facade of the city happening later by Portixol, El Molinar, Ciutat Garden, Cala Gamba, Cala Estancia, Ca'n Pastilla and all The Playa de Palma until finally finishing in the Club Nautico del Arenal. This fact is received with enthusiasm by cyclists, pedestrians, all kinds of skaters, dog owners and marriages walking with the strollers as a child. You pass before the port of Portixol, where the llaüts are lined, typical fishing boats of Mallorca. In front of the popular beach Es Portixolet are alternating bars with restaurants of renown. Tourists, residents and locals enjoy the terraces of coffee and cake, tapas or fresh fish, as this neighborhood is already among the first places of the gastronomic scene of the city. Especially the weekends have an extraordinary atmosphere.

The times when around 50 mills were in charge of grinding the grain in front of the city walls, have passed, leaving only the name as a memory of yesteryear. Only the great church, Senyora del Remei and the port "El Molinar" remind us of past times. The Nautical Club was really the first marina in Mallorca, which to date has only 150 moorings. But even today you can learn to sail. The Club Nautico also serves visitors who are not members of the club, the Paella being the most popular dish. In this historic building there is a family atmosphere, and the person who comes here seeks peace and originality. But on the table of the authorities is already the project for an extension; We can only hope that this unique atmosphere of fishermen will be preserved ...