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Information for tenants

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Real estate adviser - How to find your dream property

In this area, we would like to give you a few tips on how to help you find the right property.

Often, one is hunted by idyllic places and beautiful locations on Majorca so that the everyday convenience of the property stands in the background. However, some of the basic functions of a long-term tenancy should be fulfilled in order to be permanently comfortable.

We have summarized a few tips for the following topics:

Type of property

Are you looking for a studio, an apartment, an idyllic finca or a prestigious villa? The question arises as to how many persons and for which periods of the year the object must be appropriate. In doing so, the associated ancillary costs and the necessary maintenance for the pool or garden should also be taken into account.

Location of the property

Often an apartment or a house directly at the sea is desired - with a wonderful view right on the beach! But such locations are expensive and in the winter months with simple equipment often moist and draughty. A sunny winter afternoon is often better off the sea than on the terrace by the sea in cold and damp wind. A property by the sea is, of course, a dream, but right here you should pay attention to insulation and moisture.

Think about the day-to-day trips that you have to do in your everyday life: bring children to school, go shopping or make your own. Some roads outside the villages have no lighting, are very narrow, poorly signposted and demand a longer driving time.

Schools and local transport

Think about the daily journeys that you have to do in your daily life. Children to school, shopping center, recreation ... Some streets outside the villages have no lighting, are very narrow and badly signposted and demand a longer journey.


The location and the equipment of the property determine the rental price. What is considered a standard in Northern Europe, is often considered a special feature in Mallorca. Many properties are not on the same level as sound and heat protection. Many Mallorquins therefore live in the summer their simple country house in the unrenovated original state and pull in the winter in the city. Mallorca is very humid in the winter and you should set the standard of the property high, without however exceeding its rental price ceiling.

rent increases

After the end of the first year, the landlord may increase the rent according to an ever-defined index of subsistence (IPC). This index is comparable to the life cost index in Germany. You can find out more about the current index directly at the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE)


Not all rental properties are equipped with a heating but in the hardware stores there are different heating possibilities with different advantages and disadvantages. Here are some examples:

• Oil / gas central heating: The most comfortable form of heating thanks to easy handling and a pleasant radiant heat.

• Electric radiators: Individual electrical appliances with good radiant heat or blower. But beware: the electricity costs can be uncontrollable with cheap devices. There are now very good low-energy electric heaters.

• Air-conditioning units: Easy handling and moderate energy consumption with correct calculation of the heating / cooling power of the units. The heat is distributed over fans and is not as pleasant as radiant heat. Well suited for fast heating, these devices also have the positive side effect of air dehumidification.

• Gas / kerosene catalyst ovens: They provide a low-cost heating option but are not completely safe to use because of the open flame. The combustion removes oxygen from the room. These furnaces also require moisture formation.

• Open fireplaces: They create a nice ambience but have a lower efficiency. The fuel is also expensive and requires a lot of storage space.


Few very old houses still have a 110 volt voltage at the old sockets. All other properties are connected to 220 Volt. The electrical installations of old properties often do not stand up to the new appliances, so heating and washing machines can not run at the same time.

We would be pleased to provide you with information on the details of your desired property and to help you with questions about electricity suppliers.

In Majorca there are occasional violent storms or in the high season, short power failures or fluctuations.

Swimming pool

Apartments and houses with communal pool or communal gardens often carry higher community expenses (these expenses are normally included in the rent - ask!)

If you decide to rent a house with a garden or a swimming pool of your own, think that in many cases you have to take care of them and keep yourself or hire the services and pay for them.


The water in Mallorca is scarce and it should never be wasted in a senseless way. Almost all apartments and houses are connected to the local water network (in Palma es Emaya).

In rural areas and also in certain housing developments housing is provided with cisterns that are filled with tank trucks. Mallorca has a very expanded network of these tankers. Farms also often have wells of their own.

Majorca tap water is not usually drinkable. Ask your pharmacy for a water test, it costs about 10 euros.


The garbage is deposited in green containers, which are emptied regularly. Near your home you will almost always find a container. Please note that you can not deposit garbage at any time, the times for them are from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Respect those schedules, otherwise you risk being fined.

In Mallorca you can also recycle! You will find so-called green dots, where there are containers for paper (blue), plastic and aluminum (yellow), glass (green) and sometimes containers for used cooking and mechanical oil (gray or orange). Can bulky trash carry it to green points? sometimes have to pay or can you call your town hall to pick it up? in these cases normally at no cost.

Mail / PO Box

Some houses in rural areas do not have a? Direction? and that is why couriers do not bring the letters. In these cases it is advisable to rent a PO box at the nearest office.


Although Internet access with DSL is almost technically possible in Mallorca, it would have to be clarified from the beginning, because in rural areas that are too far from the repeater there is always a suitable line. In these cases (but not always) the only possibility of having a telephone is the TRAC (rural telephone) or internet via GPRS with low speed. We are happy to help you with the telephone and internet connection.

Construction - noise

Keep in mind that Mallorca is built a lot. Small changes and constructions in the neighborhood are not notified in advance.

In rural areas many times owners have dogs, to scare unwanted visitors. These dogs are wild!

Also in the areas near the airport and the highways you have to keep in mind that the noise level is higher.

In the vicinity of the Son Reus incinerator malodors may appear sporadically.

Expenses and taxes

The expenses, arbitrations and taxes of the property are borne by the tenant. The IBI (Taxes on Real Estate) is the annual contribution and can be charged according to law to the tenant.

Purchase option

In some properties we offer the possibility of signing a lease with an option to buy. These contracts set the purchase price of the dwelling for a certain period of time. The future buyer has thus the possibility of being able to know thoroughly the property and the vicinity before saying the purchase. In some cases there is the possibility of imputing part of the rent paid to the sale price. With the option to buy the only part that is forced is the seller, You, as a tenant, have the choice to carry out the option to buy or let it expire and continue with your lease.

Ask your Mallorca team Mietboerse!