Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Long term rental

The comission fee in case of a mediation is:

• 1.5 of monthly rent plus VAT (IVA) comission for private properties.
• 2 monthly rent plus VAT (IVA) comission for comercial properties.


In case of a purchase, the seller has to pay 5% plus VAT (IVA) of the purchase price to the real estate company Mallorca Mietboerse S.L. at the time of subscription of the public purchase certificate (escritura pública) In case of the purchase by another broker, or private purchase, the seller is obliged to inform the broker immediately and inform about the name of the buyer.


Our offer is based on information of the landlord. We cannot guarantee for the correctness of the offers.

Image material and information

Image material and information are intented exclusively for the recipient. A transfer to third parties is only permitted with the written agreement of the Mallorca Mietboerse S.L.


Jurisdiction is Palma de Mallorca